The Romance Genre 2

Episode 86 · February 7th, 2022 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Our second romance themed episode! Tessa is joined by Elyse of the Podwraiths podcast and Melissa of the Wild Pretty Things podcast to talk favorite tropes, inappropriate grand gestures, and what romance novels they would like to see adapted. Elyse reads She Drives Me Crazy, Melissa watches The Broken Hearts Gallery, and Tessa reads A Promise of Fire.

1:11 - The Twitter contraversy surrounding the Washington Post's interview with Dana Schwartz about her new romance Anatomy: A Love Story
14:00 - She Drives Me Crazy
25:37 - Melissa talks about her introduction to romance as a genre
28:10 - The Broken Hearts Gallery
38:13 - Favorite tropes
46:26 - Favorite adaptations of romance novels/series
55:55 - A Promise of Fire